Today I am going to be talking about compound bows and compound bow reviews.  I really have a passion for archery and I think this will help a lot of people out.

Today’s compound bows come in all shapes and sizes. The industry itself filled with mixed messages: Some say it’s all about speed, while others emphasize arc lengths or a smooth draw cycle. This makes buying a compound bow a bit of a challenge.

In fact, some manufacturers sell their goods on the basis of raw speed alone, so you believe that it is the only consideration to be taken. Other press only the shortest arc models possible, all the while swinging the best shots in the Archery most successful 3D shooters around more and more models. It can be all a bit confusing. The biggest problem in the indication of an “ideal” is that everyone has different needs, expectations and abilities.

For example, I have a long draw length (30 inches) and live in the West, where the pursuit of mule deer, pronghorn and elk results in record many would check on the long side, (although I also just whitetail fanatics as the next guy). I gravitate toward longer axle-to-axle compounds (38-40 inches) to accommodate my tallness and because these combinations promote accuracy I demand for long-term success. But that’s just my opinion.

I have a short but powerful friend (27 inch draw length), who lives in Texas and bowhunts nothing but brush country whitetail and pigs, and always pop-up brushes or blinds. He prefers shorter arcs (30-32 inches), because he rarely shoots past 20 yards and short bows are easier to handle in a confined space.

These two examples show two opposite ends of the spectrum. They also show that different bowunters having to go to several considerations when choosing the right bow for them.

Compound bow buying advice that follows, an attempt to the average bow hunter is exposed to average conditions-the avid hunter whitetail best serve the occasional ventures into moose mountain or pronghorn prairie.


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